Mounted Wall Kit


The Mounted Wall Kit is a kit that allows you to hang our acoustic panels and bass traps on the wall. We designed it in such a way that it is compatible with all of our products. This includes our Hybrid Panel, Bass Trap 2.0, MOAB, and Corner Trap X. Each kit hangs 1 panel or trap.

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Product Description

What’s inside?

The Mounted Wall Kit comes packaged with the following hardwares:

Mounting bar
2 pieces
Wall anchor
2 pieces
Countersunk screw
2 pieces

Technical Specifications

Each Mounted Wall Kit’s unit has the following specifications:

0.5 kg


We have the following shipping policies:

We will ship your products in 10-14 working days
Singapore (Please contact us for international shipping)


Please specify if you require anchors for mounting on solid wall or hollow wall.