New Corner Trap


The New Corner Trap is the culmination of our Corner Trap X design. Its new 7-part frame system is an evolution from the original 4-part frame design, making it the most advanced corner trap we have ever built. The New Corner Trap sports a bonded pressure membrane that maximises low frequency attenuation even further. Its ingenious shape allows it to blend nondescriptly into the corners of our environment and yet effectively target low frequency sound at where it lurks. The breakthrough in our design allows the New Corner Trap to not only be suitable for wall-to-wall mounts but also to be equipped for wall-to-ceiling mounts with our flushed ceiling kit. Our proprietary easy mount system enables the New Corner Trap to be mounted cleanly with no visible support structures. It comes fully equipped with mineral wool, air gap technology, easy mount system, damped membrane, and airflow resistivity optimisation.

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Product Description


Absorbs low frequency sounds

The New Corner Trap absorbs low frequency sounds in both dihedral and trihedral corners where sound pressure build up is the highest. It decelerates particle velocity via rock wool insulation. When placed in room corners, it prevents the room from sounding muddy and reduces low frequency standing waves.

Features of the New Corner Trap

The following are features in the New Corner Trap: open frame technology, airflow resistivity optimised mineral wool, Eco-friendly fabric.


Damped membrane technology dm

Each of the New Corner Trap is installed with a damped membrane at the front. This membrane serves 2 purpose. It is installed at the front of the New Corner Trap to attenuate low frequency wavefront. It also reflects back some mid-high frequency sounds into the room, which encourages a live sounding room.

12″ porous absorber

Traditional bass traps that are placed at corners do not fill up the air spaces behind. The New Corner Traps effectively fill up all the air space with mineral wool up to 12″ deep. Since mineral wool is a superior particle velocity decelerator compared to air, the New Corner Traps significantly outperform traditional bass traps at reducing low frequency resonance.

Eco-friendly fabric cf

Our new acoustic fabric is acoustically transparent and breathable. The low airflow resistivity of the fabric allows permeability of not only low frequency but mid-high frequency sounds. Made in Europe, our fabric is both fire-rated and certified to be eco-friendly.

Fabric specifications

Fibre Content
gr/ mt sq /gr/ linear mt

Mineral wool rw

Our mineral wool fibre insulations are made from volcanic basalt rock and slag and are rigorously selected from our airflow resistivity optimisation process.

Mineral wool is particularly suited to meet the specific requirements of sound attenuation as a broadband sound absorber with a low Q factor. The fibre structure of mineral wool also provides fire protection and thermal insulation.

Sound absorption data


Fire performance

The New Corner Trap is made with some of the highest fire-resistance rating components.

Our mineral wool has the following fire-resistance ratings:

ASTM E 136
CAN4 S114
ASTM E 84(UL 723)
Flame Spread = 0, Smoke Developed = 0
Flame Spread = 0, Smoke Developed = 0

Our Eco-friendly fabric has the following fire-resistance ratings:

Cal 117 SEC E Part 1
BS 5852-1990-Section 4 S 0 & 1
BS EN 1021-1 1994 (Cigarette)
BS EN 1021-1 1994 (Match)
BS 7176 1995 (Low Hazard)

What configuration should I use?

There are 4 configurations to the New Corner Trap.

Free-stand on the floor vertically or horizontally
Mounted Wall Kit
Mount on the wall vertically or horizontally
Suspended Ceiling Kit
Hang suspended from the ceiling
Flushed Ceiling Kit
Hang flushed from the ceiling

Our easy mount system allows the New Corner Traps to be installed flushed against the wall.

How many New Corner Traps do I need?

Low frequency resonance in a room build up maximum sound pressure at trihedral corners, followed by dihedral corners. We recommend stacking New Corner Traps in all 4 vertical corners of your room to target both dihedral and trihedral corners. If you have more than 4 vertical corners, you would need to treat those too.

A typical room has an 8′ high ceiling. Since the New Corner Traps are 4′ high, this means stacking 2 New Corner Traps at each vertical corner, or a total of 8 New Corner Traps in a room. (We strongly recommend adding a vertical wall mount for the New Corner Trap that is stacked on top)

Technical Specifications

Each New Corner Trap has the following specifications:

120 cm x 70 cm x 46 cm x 46 cm
8 kg


We have the following shipping policies:

We will ship your products in 10-14 working days
Singapore (Please contact us for international shipping)


The color of the actual fabric may differ slightly due to variances in display settings.

Additional Information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 60 x 19 x 120 cm