Aural-Aid offers a team of consultant that offers concise and practical advices to all acoustical problems. Our team of experts, with our experience and sound-measuring tools, are well equipped to advise on all your needs: ranging from soundproofing to acoustical treatment and vibrational isolation.

A Class-1 NTI measurement set, comprising:

XL2 Audio & Acoustic Analyzer
M2230 Measurement Microphone
Minirator MR-Pro
Dodec Speaker DS2 Omni-directional sound source
Precision calibrator 94/114 dB & class 1 for 1/2″ Measurement Microphones
Power amp PA3 for Dodec DS2

Coupled with the XL2 Data Explorer software, every Aural-Aid consultant is able to accurately assess the conditions of a space, pinpointing primary problems and rectifying the sound issues from the root.

In addition, our consultants work closely with our in-house designer to incorporate design principles into the interior designs of a treated room, ensuring that the decor of a treated space is not compromised.