RSP Architects and Aural-Aid were nominated to build a theatre to promote youth culture, as supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. The acoustic panels were designed to be faceted in shape, where each panel has a different depth and angle. Some of the acoustic panels were made with a fabric finish and others with a wood face. The fabric panels were filled with 25mm low-Q sound absorbing substrate to act as absorbers. The panels with the wood face were angled so that they can be used as scattering plates. The combination of absorption and scattering creates an acoustic device that behaves like a large-scale binary amplitude diffuser. After the acoustic panels were installed, an RT60 test was conducted.The results showed that the acoustic panels brought down the reverberation time from an average of 1,600m/s to 950m/s in the theatre.

HP MULTI-PURPOSE HALL, 1150 Depot Rd, Singapore

The new HP Multi-Purpose Hall is a facility for indoor sports such as basketball and badminton. It features a retractable seating system for viewing of performances and sports events. Aural-Aid installed Timberix wooden perforated panel and Fabrix acoustic fabric panel on the walls of the MPH. Acoustic fabric clouds were installed on the ceiling to attenuate echoes caused by the high ceiling. The overall acoustic performance reduced the reverberation time that was suitable for an MPH.

DOLBY THEATRE, Oxley Bizhub, Singapore

ABSOLUTE SOUND, 1 Coleman St, Singapore


DYSON FLAGSHIP STORE, Jakarta, Indonesia