Management Associate

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Management Associate (with Equity Vesting)

As a Management Associate, you will learn to lead the company under the wing of a Director. Together you will pioneer new acoustics technology and implement new ways to build acoustical architecture. You will undergo a tailored 2-year rotation programme between product design and architectural acoustics.

Programme Schedule

Induction Test (2 weeks): Management Trainees will undergo a rigorous leadership test during the induction period. All trainees will experience technical training in product design, manufacturing, architectural drawing, and contract supervision. Management Trainees who pass the induction test will graduate as Management Associates.

Manufacturing Arm or Contract Arm (6 months): Management Associate will be channeled to either the Manufacturing Arm or Contract arm depending on their performance during the Induction Test. Under the Manufacturing Arm, Management Associates will understudy to design and manufacture new acoustic panels and diffusers. On the other hand, Management Associates in the Contract Arm will understudy a supervisor to supervise contract sites.

Leadership Training (6 months): With in-depth knowledge of either manufacturing or contract work, Management Associates will be given the chance to run the company under the guidance of a Director. Upon successful completion of the Leadership Training course, Management Associates will now officially have vested equity in the company.

Management Associate Deployment (1 year): Having received both technical and leadership training in the past 1-year, you will now be ready to fulfil your role as a Management Associate. You will make key decisions in the company and be the next generation of management. Your strengths in either architectural acoustics and/or acoustical product design will eventually shape the company’s future.

Programme Renumeration

Basic Salary: All Management Associates will receive a basic salary depending on performance.
Performance Commission: You will also receive a performance based commission on top of the basic salary.
Equity: Management Associates will receive equity under an equity structure with 4-year vest and 2-year cliff.

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