Fiberglass Panel


The Fiberglass Panel is made of Owens Corning © fibreglass wool. The edges of the panel are resin-treated to give a sleek and durable edge.

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Product Description


Absorbs mid to high frequency sounds

The Fibreglass Panel absorbs mid-high frequency sounds in 2 ways. It decelerates particle velocity via rock wool insulation and reduces sound pressure via our damped membrane technology. When strategically placed, it reduces modal waves, non-modal waves, flutter echo, comb filtering, and early reflections from destroying stereo imaging.

Features of the Fibreglass Panel

The following are features in the Fibreglass Panel: airflow resistivity optimisation, acoustic fabric, Owens Corning

   Feature-Airflow-Resistivity-Optimisation   Feature-Acoustic-Fabric   Feature-Owens-Corning   Feature-Resin-Finish


Airflow resistivity optimisation Ar-(Fibreglass Panel)

We employ an algorithm that is based on empirically tested data to derive an optimum airflow resistivity value that is unique to our new Fibreglass Panel.

Acoustic fabric Af-(Fibreglass Panel)

Each of our Fibreglass Panel uses acoustically transparent and breathable acoustic fabric. The low airflow resistivity of the fabric allows permeability of not only low frequency but mid-high frequency sounds. Made in Europe, our fabric is both fire-rated and certified to be eco-friendly. We also offer the full range of Guilford of Maine.

Owens Corning  Oc-(Fibreglass Panel)

We only use Owens Corning 703 fibreglass insulation, which is particularly suited to meet the specific requirements of sound attenuation as a broadband sound absorber with a low Q factor.

Fabric specifications

Fibre Content
gr/ mt sq /gr/ linear mt

Resin finish Rf-(Fibreglass Panel)

The perimeter of our Fibreglass Panel is treated with epoxy resin that solidifies to give a durable finish. The edges are then bevelled to give a classic look.

Sound absorption data


Fire performance

The Fibreglass Panel are made with some of the highest fire-resistance rating components.

Our fibreglass wool has the following fire-resistance ratings:

ASTM E 136
CAN4 S114
ASTM E 84(UL 723)
Flame Spread = 0, Smoke Developed = 0
Flame Spread = 0, Smoke Developed = 0

Our Eco-friendly fabric has the following fire-resistance ratings:

Cal 117 SEC E Part 1
BS 5852-1990-Section 4 S 0 & 1
BS EN 1021-1 1994 (Cigarette)
BS EN 1021-1 1994 (Match)
BS 7176 1995 (Low Hazard)

What configuration should I use?

There are 3 configurations to the Fibreglass Panel.

Free-stand on the floor or lean against the wall (We recommend leaning the Fibreglass Panel against the wall as they are unstable to free-stand due to the small depth of the panel)
Mounted Wall Kit
Mount on the wall vertically or horizontally
Suspended Ceiling Kit
Hang suspended from the ceiling

Our easy mount system allows the Fibreglass Panel to be installed flushed against the wall.

How many panels do I need?

We recommend a 22% to 25% acoustic coverage of total room surface area. The number of pieces required will depend on your room size.

Small room
Less than 2,000 cubic feet: 4 to 8 pieces
Medium room
2,000 to 5,000 cubic feet: 8 to 16 pieces
Big room
More than 5,000 cubic feet: 16 to 32 pieces

Where do I place them?

For an LEDE room, which has a dead front-end and a diffusive back-end, you place the Fibreglass Panel at early reflection points to create an RFZ. The early reflection points are behind the speakers, at the side walls, and on the ceiling. For small rooms, the back wall is also an early reflection point.

Technical Specifications

Each Fiberglass Panel has the following specifications:

120 cm x 60 cm x 5 cm
3 kg


We have the following shipping policies:

We will ship your products in 10-14 working days
Singapore (Please contact us for international shipping)


The color of the actual fabric may differ slightly due to variances in display settings.