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The Slat Resonator is a customisable resonator for absorption of specific frequencies. It can be installed onto the Hybrid Panel, Bass Trap 2.0, or MOAB. The slat and groove design creates a broadband mid to low frequency resonator. Hybrid Panel or Bass Trap not included. (Photo shows the Slat Resonator mounted on a Hybrid Panel.)

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Technical Specifications

Each Slat Resonator has the following specifications:

120 cm x 60 cm x 1.5 cm
7 kg

Diffuses mid to high frequency sounds

The Slat Resonator diffuses mid-high frequency sounds through space to promote a lively sound. While our acoustic panels reduce modal waves, flutter echo, comb filtering, and early reflections from destroying stereo imaging, the Slat Resonator scatters specular reflections to prevent the room from sounding too dead.

Features of the Slat Resonator

The following are features in the Slat Resonator: spatial diffusion, attenuate low frequencies, perforated holes, and slat and groove.

   Feature-Spatial-Diffusion   Feature-Attenuate-Bass-Resonance   Feature-Perforated-Holes   Feature-Slat-and-Groove


Spatial diffusion Sd-(Slat Resonator)

The slat and groove pattern converts specular reflection into diffused reflection through space.

Low frequency Lf-(Slat-Resonator)

Our Slat Resonator is adjustable to cater to different room modal issues. The slat and groove size ranges from 5/2, 13/3, 28/4, and 59/5 which allows us to build a resonator that attenuates frequencies in the bass range.

Perforated holes Ph-(Slat-Resonator)

We have 10mm perforated holes which are drilled at where the grooves are. These perforated holes allow sound waves to pass through the grooves to facilitate absorption by the mineral wool substrate.

Slat and groove Sg-(Slat Resonator)

Our slat and groove design creates a broadband mid to low frequency resonator. It is customisable to tune the resonator to absorb at a specific frequency.

Sound absorption data

The sound absorption data above are based on a Slat Resonator mounted on a MOAB.

Fire performance

The Slat Resonators are made with some of the highest fire-resistance rating components.

Our mineral wool has the following fire-resistance ratings:

ASTM E 136
CAN4 S114
ASTM E 84(UL 723)
Flame Spread = 0, Smoke Developed = 0
Flame Spread = 0, Smoke Developed = 0

Our Eco-friendly fabric has the following fire-resistance ratings:

Cal 117 SEC E Part 1
BS 5852-1990-Section 4 S 0 & 1
BS EN 1021-1 1994 (Cigarette)
BS EN 1021-1 1994 (Match)
BS 7176 1995 (Low Hazard)

What configuration should I use?

There are 4 configurations to the Slat Resonator.

Free-stand on the floor or lean against the wall (We recommend leaning the Slat Resonator against the wall as they are unstable to free-stand due to the small depth of the panel)
Mounted Wall Kit
Mount on the wall vertically or horizontally
Suspended Ceiling Kit
Hang suspended from the ceiling
Flushed Ceiling Kit
Hang flushed from the ceiling

Our easy mount system allows the Slat Resonator to be installed flushed against the wall.

How many resonators do I need?

We recommend a 22% to 25% acoustic coverage of total room surface area. The number of pieces required will depend on your room size.

Small room
Less than 2,000 cubic feet: 4 to 8 pieces
Medium room
2,000 to 5,000 cubic feet: 8 to 16 pieces
Big room
More than 5,000 cubic feet: 16 to 32 pieces


We have the following shipping policies:

We will ship your products in 10-14 working days
Singapore (Please contact us for international shipping)


The color of the finishing may differ slightly due to variances in display settings.
You must order a Hybrid Panel or Bass Trap as a prerequisite.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 60.0 x 1.5 x 120.0 cm


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