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Space Divider

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The Space Divider is the fun way to introduce privacy in your office.

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Product Description


Absorbs echo

The Space Divider reduces sound transmission between spaces and is recommended for open office cubicles and residential living spaces. The rockwool infill absorbs speech-range frequencies and encourages an echo-free environment that promotes speech intelligibility.

Features of the Space Divider

The following are features in the Space Divider:  Eco-friendly fabric, tackable, reduce echo, airflow resistivity optimisation.

Feature-Acoustic-Fabric   Feature-Thermocompression   Feature-Reduce-Echo   Feature-Airflow-Resistivity-Optimisation

Design Df-Space-Divider

Our design fabric comes in 4 vibrant colors. The Space Divider is a great way to introduce color, texture, and pattern into any space, both residential and commercial.

Touch Ft-(Space-Divider)

Our Space Dividers has an acoustic fabric finish which is gentle to the touch. Our design is eco-friendly, fire-rated, hard-to-stain, and perfect for demanding design applications.

Eco-friendly fabric Ef-Space-Divider

Our new acoustic fabric is acoustically transparent and breathable. The low airflow resistivity of the fabric allows permeability of not only low frequency but mid-high frequency sounds. Made in Europe, our fabric is both fire-rated and certified to be eco-friendly.

Fabric specifications

Fibre Content
Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride
gr/ mt sq /gr/ linear mt

Tackable Tc-Space-Divider

One surface of the space divider is tackable. You can pin your notes on the surface with a thumb tack.

Reduce Echo Re-(Space Divider)

Our fabric has improved sound absorption coefficients. Our Space Divider has an NRC value of 0.75 and absorbs most mid-high frequency sounds.

Airflow resistivity optimisation Ar-Space-Divider

We employ an algorithm that is based on empirically tested data to derive an optimum airflow resistivity value that is unique to our new Space Divider.

Sound absorption data


Fire performance

The Space Dividers are made with some of the highest fire-resistance rating components.

Our rockwool has the following fire-resistance ratings:

ASTM E 136
CAN4 S114
ASTM E 84(UL 723)
Flame Spread = 0, Smoke Developed = 0
Flame Spread = 0, Smoke Developed = 0

Our Eco-friendly fabric has the following fire-resistance ratings:

Cal 117 SEC E Part 1
BS 5852-1990-Section 4 S 0 & 1
BS EN 1021-1 1994 (Cigarette)
BS EN 1021-1 1994 (Match)
BS 7176 1995 (Low Hazard)

How many panels do I need?

We recommend one space divider between 2 sound source to promote privacy in between

4-Seat Cubicle
2-3 pieces
8-Seat Cubicle
6-7 pieces
Living Space
4-12 pieces

Technical Specifications

Each Space Divider has the following specifications:

120 cm x 120 cm x 3 cm / 60 cm x 120 cm x 3cm
3 kg / 6 kg


We have the following shipping policies:

We will ship your products in 10-14 working days
Singapore (Please contact us for international shipping)


The color of the actual fabric may differ slightly due to variances in display settings.

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 1200 x 10 x 3 cm