TIMBERIX wooden grooved panels reduce echoes by trapping and diffracting sound in the grooves and perforation found on the surface. The sound that passes through the perforation is further absorbed by an acoustic substrate such as fibreglass or mineral wool, which reduces reverberation in the room. Smaller grooves are better at attenuating high frequency sounds, whereas larger grooves are better at controlling low frequency sounds. To learn more about Timberix, download the TIMBERIX Catalogue.

1. Structure: Base Material, Finishing & Fleece
2. Material: E1 MDF, FR MDF, MgO Composite Board, etc.
3. Finishing: Paint, Melamine, PP, Veneer, etc.
4. Standard Dimension: 2440*192mm, 2440*128mm
5. Standard Thickness: 12mm, 15mm,18mm
6. Standard Pattern: 13-3,14-2, 28-4, 59-5
7. Eco-Friendly Test: EN 13986, E1
8. Fire-Rated Test: ASTM E84-12a Class A, BS476 [Part 7]
Class 1