Fabric System
Singapore University of Technology and Design
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Grooved Timberix 28/4
in Red Elm Veneer
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Forum Architects
NUS University Cultural Centre
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Grooved Timberix 28/4
in Maple Wood Veneer
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We are Acoustics.

The first application of architectural acoustics was carried out by Wallace Sabine in the Fogg Museum lecture room, who designed the Symphony Hall in Boston. Since then, good acoustics has been implemented in many buildings.

Aural-Aid is an acoustics company headquartered in Singapore since 2013. We build cinemas, auditoriums, and home theatres fulfilling ISO and ASTM standards. We believe good acoustics is important to improving our daily lives.

What do you believe in?

2D Quadratic Residue Diffuser


Timberix Grooved 20/4
NUS Univerty Cultural Centre, Singapore
Forum Architects

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