Sales Associate

As a Sales Associate, you will lead the sales development in the company under the wing of a Director. You will learn the ropes methodologically through sales, project management, and research and development.

  1. Induction Test (3 weeks): Sales Trainees will undergo a rigorous leadership test during the induction period. All trainees will experience technical training in product design, manufacturing, basic architectural drawing, and contract supervision. Sales Trainees who pass the induction test will graduate as Sales Associates.

  2. Leadership Training (6 months): With in-depth knowledge in product technicalities, Sales Analysts will undertake responsibilities of sales and project management to develop strong understanding of products and functioning of projects.

On top of your fundamental roles, you will initiate market research and product development, and participate in making key decisions in the company. Your strengths in sales and market analysis will eventually shape the company’s future.

Rooftop swimming pool

Gym facility for a healthy lifestyle

Capsule beds (x2)

Nerf Guns!

Interested applicants may send your resume to

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