We provide a full range of acoustic services ranging from consultation, supply and install, to testing and commissioning.

Aural-Aid offers a team of consultants that provides concise and practical advice to all acoustical problems. Our team of experts, with our experience and sound-measuring tools, are well equipped to identify all your needs, ranging from acoustical treatment and sound isolation.

We are able to supply and install acoustic products from fabric system, wooden acoustic panels, wood wool boards, polyester baffles, thermo-compressed polyester boards, acoustic PU and melamine foam, isolation springs and clips, to dampening membranes.

Our team of contractors are trained to install acoustical treatment products and construct soundproof isolated structures.

Apparent Sound Transmission Class (ASTC)

Reverberation Time (RT60)

Noise Criterion (NC)

Speech Intelligibility (STIPA)

Impact Isolation Class (IIC)

Location: *SCAPE, Level 4, Singapore

Client: Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Architect: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

Main-con: Gennal Industries

Location: Oxley Bizhub 1, Singapore

Client: Mocha Chai Laboratories

Consultant: Dolby Laboratories

Acoustics Contractor: Aural-Aid Pte. Ltd.

Location: University Cultural Centre, NUS, Singapore

Client: National University of Singapore

Architect: Forum Architects

Main-con: Gennal Industries

Location: Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre, NTU, Singapore

Client: Nanyang Technological University

Architect: SQFT Architects

Main-con: Soonly Pte Ltd

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